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The New Juilliard Ensemble

Premiere of MAPHEAD [including Ghost Dance] for chamber ensemble, commissioned by the New Juilliard Ensemble and Joel Sachs.



RICHARD CAUSTON (U.K.) Chamber Symphony (2009)**

PHILIP GLASS (U.S.) Concerto for Harpsichord and Orchestra (2002)

ARLENE SIERRA (U.S./U.K.) Colmena (2008)

RICHARD WILSON (U.S.) Speculation (2011)*

CONRAD WINSLOW (U.S.) Maphead (2011)*W


New Juilliard Ensemble's 19th season continues with an evening of very new works from American and British composers. Alumnus Philip Glass' 75th brithday is celebrated with the performance of his Concerto for Harpsichord and Orchestra.


* World premiere; composed for NJE 

** Western Hemisphere premiere

W Winner of the NJE composition audition


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